Corporate & MSME Financing

Debt Syndication

  • Corporate Debt Financing- Expertise in arranging Fund based and Non Fund Based debt at competitive rates from various banks, financial institutions and NBFC’s for both short term and long term requirements.
  • Specialized debt products for SMEs–   During all stages of their life cycle, SMEs require access to appropriate sources of financing for their creation, survival and growth. There are multiple and competing sources of finance for SMEs, including asset-based finance, alternative forms of debt, hybrid tools and equity instruments.
  • Take over the existing loans for better interest rates and other terms-Best possible opportunities available in the market is identified including seasonal offers providing competitive  interest rate and deal terms.


Equity Capital Raising

  • Private Equity Fund Raising– Finchampz advisory has team of researchers and analysts who are in contact touch with investors and fund managers across the world.
  • Venture Capital Fund Raising– Our deliverables include a teaser sheet, or preliminary marketing document that we send to our VC/PE network, a detailed investor presentation, both non-confidential and confidential versions, a 5 year financial forecast and various other VC valuations and cap tables as you progress through the negotiation process. We will work with you for as long as it takes to get your investor presentation in shape.
  • Angel Funding– We have angel investors  with strong and operational backgrounds who are willing to invest not just money but also time adding value to the investee companies and also providing them access to their vast networks

Corporate Debt Financing
Equity Capital Raising