Merger & Acquisition Advisory

Acquisitions including Cross Border Deals

1) Transactional planning and designing of M&A proposition to target buyer/seller.

2) Identifying and realizing the realism and doability of wish-lists to enable strategic negotiations.

3) Vital legal, operational, economic, and fiduciary considerations affecting ultimate M&A objectives.

4) Transactional processes including term-sheet, deal screening, deal sourcing, valuation, due diligence, negotiation, documentation & formalization.

5) Equity restructuring and voting rights, financing and purchase options, management control & compensation, and residual liabilities.

6) Act as an advisor to ensure transparency and proper procedural execution or exclusively representing either the buyer/seller to craft strategic M&A processes.



1) Appropriate methodologies to determine pertinent values to satisfy peculiar purposes.

2) Consideration of future income and cash flow, beta (risk), costs of debt and equity, market comparables.

3) Utilization of several methods from income, market and asset approach to determine the total enterprise or shareholders’ value after applying suitable and critical premiums and discounts.


Deal Screening & Due Diligence

1) These services are part of the entire suite of M&A services.

2) Deal screening involves the verification process of target companies to ensure matching of investment criteria.

3) The scope of due diligence comprises the varieties of financial, legal, operational, business and HR components. 


Strategic Alliances

Alliances can be an extremely effective way to embrace new strategic opportunities, pursue new sources of growth, and contribute to the upside of the business. They are useful particularly in situations of high uncertainty and in markets with growth opportunities that a company either cannot or does not want to pursue on its own.

Acquisitions including Cross Border Deals
Deal Screening
Strategic Alliances